Sunday, October 10, 2010

Another Beautiful Day!!

The Gloria Dei Market was yesterday and while it wasn't quite as busy as everyone hoped it was a good day for meeting new people and getting some great new connections. The costumes seem to be going well. Everyone loved the fairy costume, it definitely drew people in :) The next step for us is our open house in November. We have a lot to do to get ready but we have two other businesses agreeing to sell their items so we're sure to have a great time and a good turn out.

After a busy market I should be inside sewing but the weather is too nice and yesterday very demanding so I'm sitting outside typing instead :) It's already the middle of October and the weather is still 80 and sunny. My parents came to stay with us for the weekend and it was a blast having them here. My mom (who helps sew for our shop) came to the craft show with me and we had a really good time. I think it was fun for her to see people enjoying the products she had spent time sewing.

Well that's all for today. There is still so much that needs to get done. I hope everyone in Iowa is enjoying the sunny weather by spending it outdoors :)

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