Thursday, May 6, 2010

Getting Ready for Market Days

May Market in Des Moines is getting closer every day! We have begun the process of getting ready which involves creating and making 66 items. We will have bibs, burp cloths, clothing, wet bags, blankets, felt food, baby wraps, booties, sets, pacifier clips and sippy leashes. I don't think there is anything we are not making. The good news is that we have wonderful family and friends who have been nice enough to volunteer their time to help us. We hope Market Days will be full of fun!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Mistakes Happen Even to Us

We currently have our sewing "Shop" set up near a bunch of windows. During the springtime we have a lot of asian beetles that like to congregate on our windows. A few of them had made it onto our windowsill and we had a great idea that we would just suck them up with the vacuum. Emily got the vacuum out and began. All of the sudden she starts screaming. I ran into the room to see her standing over the vacuum looking into it. She had sucked up a baby bootie. We laughed so hard. We quickly rescued it from the vacuum and threw it into the wash. Oops! We all make mistakes, even us who really wish we didn't.

Check out our Products

We have many opportunities to check out our products. Below is a list of ways you can support to view Lil' Bow Peep Creations.

1. Vote! Head over to Handmade Minnesota Blog and vote for the May Challenge. Lil' Bow Peep Creations entered a set for the May Challenge which was "sassy". Follow the link and vote! The winner will receive their shop featured on Handmade Minnesota Blog and etsy!

2. Visit us at Market Days! We will be selling our products this year at Market Days in Des Moines. It is right next to the Des Moines Farmer's Market. Stop on out to see us and to view our products. Check out this website for more information.

3. If you are near Shoreview, MN, stop in to the public library. Some of our products will be on display through the month of May!

Remember to check out our etsy shop for new products!

The Ladies at Lil' Bow Peep Creations
Katie and Emily

Some of our Awesome Products!

The Big Change

We have recently changed our blog over! We will be posting some of our old posts that may interest you. This will be the new home for Lil' bow Peep Creations Blog!!!

The Ladies from Lil' Bow Peep Creations
Katie and Emily