Tuesday, June 22, 2010

UPDATE!!!! :)

It has been WAY too long since we last updated our blog :) There is just so much going on!! This June we are once again attending Market Days in Des Moines. If you didn't get a chance to attend last month you should definitely drop by this month. It was super great and there were SO many unique shops to stop by!!!

Getting ready for Market Days has kept us pretty busy. We have added a couple of new items into our product list as well as updated a few of our old ones. We are very excited about the direction everything is taking :)

This month we have an extra hand in the sewing process. My grandma has come for an extended stay and has been helping us sew our products. She has been an invaluable asset to us at this busy time of year. (for some reason spring and summer equate baby showers) Even as I write this she is hard at work putting together some of our new burp cloths.

My sister (and partner in crime) is getting her car seat technician's license so she can legally install car seats and give advice on the proper car seat needed. She is very excited and I am SO proud of her. Soon I hope she will be dishing out advice to our readers on car seats. Believe me she has a lot to share :)

Anyways, I better get back to sewing. I just wanted to send out a quick update on what's been going on here. I hope you all have an opportunity to check out our new products in our etsy shop!!!!

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